Xpeng – The Self-Proclaimed ‘Tesla Fighter’ / 28 May, 2020
Xpeng – The Self-Proclaimed ‘Tesla Fighter’

You’ve probably read our recent blog about the Model 3 topping the UK vehicle sales charts, which has naturally resulted in there being more Teslas on our roads now calling the UK ‘home’. Through savvy, unique marketing, backed by a great product, the US-based electric giants are convincing thousands upon thousands of us, per month, to ‘make the switch’.

In all walks of life, from the school playground to heavy industry, an increase in demand for anything doesn’t not go unnoticed. With every Tesla sale, ears are pricked and motor company boardrooms are busy with meetings about “How We Get Involved”, ‘South American Sales Projections’ and “How do we crack Norway?”; (if you know, you know).

In the next few weeks, Tesla are again set to be challenged with China based EV manufacturer, XPeng, confirming that their new sedan, the P7, will be released in June. With the very first models produced by XPeng set to be arriving with customers in the coming days, the Asian outfit are confident they have what it takes to face off against the Model 3. The highly anticipated P7 will be the second vehicle brought to market within the 6 year history of the Guangzhou motors & technology company.  

The new smart EV is set to boast a highly competitive mileage comparing to that of its American competitor, recently confirming an official rating of 438 Miles when tested against regulations set by the MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology). This will see the P7 best the range offered by Tesla in their Model 3 Range with a top mileage rating given at 414 miles. In some quarters, it is rumoured that the range beats the Model 3 by 200 miles, although we’re sceptical……

Many online reports and vehicle reviews have commented on the modelling of the P7, suggesting it mirrors that offered by Tesla as well as offering very similar features. XPeng states that their new flagship P7 Range will offer the driver ’Nvidia technology’ enabling the vehicle to have Level 3 autonomy, a self-driving capability. This feature will assist the driver when driving the vehicle on highways or city streets, as well as in parking situations. This driving aid will be enabled by 14 cameras and 12 ultrasonic sensors. Sounds very much like Tesla Autopilot, although Xpeng says it’s more capable. 

Like the UK and countless other territories, China has seen sales of the Model 3 sky-rocket; so, Xpeng face a massive task if they want to take share away from the American powerhouse. Prices for the P7 will start from as low as 240,000 yuan (£25,000), a whopping half of the price of a decently specced Model 3, depending on optional extras. For a vehicle of this calibre, and if Xpeng can live up to its own hype and offer everything it claims to at that price, then Tesla may well face the toughest competition it’s ever had, in a market where being number one brings untold benefits and rewards.  Sadly, there are no release dates for Xpeng outside of China just yet, however it surely won’t be long if the hype is real and the EV playground has a new kid fighting it out against the boy from California……