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Whilst self-driving or flying vehicles seem a decade or more away, electric vehicles are at the cusp of popularity, and they can’t come soon enough. Owning an electric car has significant advantages—not only can you save money via tax and fuel, but it is also the ethical choice, which is a key reason for their rise to a mainstream and viable option. As such, your careful and selective choice of vehicle should be matched equally by a honed insurance policy built for now and the future. Novo’s experience in insuring electric cars is vast. It means we can appreciate the cover you need and any benefits that will serve you well.

They provide the best service I’ve ever experienced within the insurance and service industry. I have insured all four of our family cars under Novo even though only one is a Tesla, I have that much faith in the service they provide.

Deryn Harvey | Private Client

When my parked car was hit, Novo Incident Management took care of everything, arranging both a courtesy car and the pick-up and repair of my car on the same day. They provided me with consistent updates and remained honest, efficient and professional. In fact, efficient is an understatement.

Alan Hansen | Private Client

I chose to insure through Novo due to glowing recommendations from others. They take a simple, no-fuss approach to insurance and I’m always pleasantly surprised at how easy it is when I contact them – one email or phone call later and the situation is resolved.

Phil Gallagher | 365 Resourcing

Benefit from your decisions

As a premier electric vehicle broker with extensive connections to highly-specialised insurers, we make you feel confident and assured, safe in the knowledge that your policy reflects the life you and your vehicle lead. Here are just some of the cover options we provide:

  • Full comprehensive coverage allowing you to drive vehicles you don’t own
  • Specialist parts repair and replacement by leading EV repairers
  • Guaranteed use of like-for-like vehicle loan
  • Fully comprehensive cover as standard for loan vehicles
  • 60 day per trip European cover
  • Exclusive incident management concierge service
  • Unrivalled claims process from start to finish

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A first-class service as standard

Since electric vehicles require specialist parts fitted by dedicated repairers, Novo’s services go above and beyond to give you peace of mind in the event of a claim. The bespoke expertise we have accumulated in the EV sector enables us to provide the first-class service your lifestyle requires, so you can get back out on the road as soon as possible. Whether you already own an electric vehicle or are looking to purchase one, find impartial advice and custom-built cover at Novo. Want to find out more? Fill in the contact form below or call us now on 0333 772 9779

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