Are you willing to go electric by 2030? / 5 November, 2021
Are you willing to go electric by 2030?

A recent survey by Ford has found that 91% of people feel a personal responsibility to go greener. Out of those people surveyed, almost half of the UK based drivers have said that they are willing to drive an EV ahead of the 2030 ban on sales of new petrol and diesel new car.

Despite this resounding positivity, there are still a further 50% of drivers out there who have concerns around going fully electric. Ford’s survey has found familiar concerns among these drivers….that’s right you guessed it…charging and range anxiety.

How can we change this? Firstly, let’s agree that knowledge is power.

The AA conducted a poll in July 2021 in which they asked more than 14,500 drivers how often they thought electric cars need to be recovered due to the vehicle itself running out of charge. On average, those drivers believed that 65% of EV breakdowns were caused by the battery running out of charge.

In reality, out of a recorded 13,000 EV breakdowns last year, less than 4% were actually due to the battery being out of charge.

Ford has also highlighted that 34% of those people been surveyed in the UK think that agreeing a climate change plan is a priority.

The awareness of climate change issues and the impact that we can make is front and centre of many news headlines right now; not least thanks to the COP26 conference this week.

With the conference well underway in Glasgow, there’s in no time like the present to look at the UK’s deadline for electric vehicles being sold in 2030. The climate talks at COP26 will bring together heads of state, climate experts and campaigners to agree coordinated action to tackle climate change.

Talking about tackling climate change is brilliant, however it’s many years too late and right now, its only talk. Let’s see if the world’s leaders can walk the walk and turn scepticism around adopting electric mobility into belief that, along with other green energy sources, it’s one of the only ways to secure the planet’s future.