Electrification of Classic Cars is Booming in Britain / 24 February, 2022
Electrification of Classic Cars is Booming in Britain

It is easy to associate electric vehicles with some of the most modern, very often futuristic automotive designs. The EV marketplace is a rapidly evolving world. But, what if you are an enthusiast of classic cars from another era, reliant on traditional fossil fuels, yet have strong principles about prioritising sustainability in the goods you purchase? You certainly wouldn’t be alone.


With eco-friendly solutions becoming ever-more important in every aspect of life, it is not surprising to learn that the classic car market in Britain is adapting to appeal to a more eco-conscious audience. It appears that a new generation of millennial buyers are making their voices heard, and this is apparently driving a rapid surge in demand for British electric classic cars, on a global level.


This new demographic and shift in consumer mindset are combined, creating some interesting opportunities for electrification within the classic car space. NOVO has been following this evolving classic car market, and how it is transitioning to electrification to meet the eco-friendly values of a new generation of pinnacle car buyers.


Our team of electric car insurance specialists love nothing better than to learn about innovation within the world of EV. We were impressed to hear the latest news from Lunaz, one of the UK’s fastest growing clean-tech companies.


Lunaz, we believe at NOVO, is making ‘clean’ classic car ownership very exciting. Aptly based at Silverstone, Lunaz is experiencing soaring demand for its restored, re-mastered and electrified stable of pinnacle British marques. If you want one, you’ll have to wait until 2024 as Lunaz says it is sold out for 2022 and 2023 production.


The producers of the world’s first electric Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Aston Martin, Range Rover and Jaguar sportscars, is expanding at pace. Lunaz says it is increasing production capacity to roll out 110 restored, re-engineered and electrified vehicles every year. It has also increased its workforce by 500% in 12 months, which underlines the level of demand. Lunaz has further expansion plans too, following the announcement that it is establishing Britain’s largest remanufacturing and electrification facility at Silverstone Technology Cluster.


In a press release issued this month (February 2022), Lunaz says, that some people “had previously dismissed the idea of owning a blue-chip classic because of issues around reliability, usability and sustainability,“ going on to explain that it has a solution in “an entirely upcycled, clean-air expression of a classic car”.


Lunaz says it is attracting an entirely new audience to classic car ownership with the majority of its customers in the younger age group, outside of the typical luxury car buyer profile.


“Surging global demand for an electrified and remastered classic car by Lunaz is affirmation that clients are responding to a proposition that preserves the most celebrated cars in British automotive history, while answering the pressing global requirement to transition to more sustainable practises,” says David Lorenz, Founder and CEO, Lunaz Group.


The company, which has backing from a number of leading names, including David Beckham, claims to have a line-up that represents the most celebrated and revered cars in British automotive history.  


Lunaz is also finding that a resurgent global hospitality industry is driving demand for passenger-focussed Bentley, Range Rover and Rolls-Royce models.


So, if you have upwards of £290,000 to invest in your electric classic car, there are all sorts of icons in the Lunaz stable, including Range Rovers (1969 to 1994), Bentley Continental S1, S2 and S3’s, Jaguar XK120, 140 and 150s, Rolls-Royce Silver Clouds and Phantoms, and Aston Martin DB6s. Order books are apparently open for 2024 delivery, so it’s definitely a case of ‘thinking ahead’.


And if you are going down the path of electrification, whether this is a brand new EV or perhaps a re-engineered classic car, then you will need electric car insurance. Our knowledgeable and helpful team at NOVO, the UK’s premier electric vehicle broker, offers a range of expertly tailored EV insurance solutions, along with an attentive, high-calibre concierge style service.