Top 5 safest cars to buy in 2018 / 10 May, 2018
Top 5 safest cars to buy in 2018

Cars get safer every year, but with active safety technology at the fore, 2018’s crop could be the safest yet.

Independent organisation Euro NCAP has revealed the top 5 safest cars it tested in 2017. All five received a full five-star rating, so if you’re looking for a new set of wheels, these could be a good place to start…


  • Large Off-Road: Volvo XC60

First place goes to the Volvo XC60, which scored an impressive 100% in two of Euro NCAPs safety tests. This large 4×4 effectively protected crash test dummies from whiplash, while its autonomous emergency braking system scored top marks.


  • Small Off-Road: VW T-Roc

Volkswagon were awarded three of the top five spots, starting with this small SUV which boasts an automatic emergency city braking system, plus driver alerts if you drift out of your lane.


  • Executive: VW Arteon

This sleek car’s “active bonnet” – which sees sensors in the bumper detect when a pedestrian has been struck and lift the bonnet upwards to mitigate injuries sustained, impressed in the safety assist test.


  • Supermini: VW Polo

Proving the German carmaker’s commitment to improving vehicle safety across the board, Volkswagon continue their sweep with a third winner, the latest edition of the staple Polo.


  • Small Famiy Car: Subaru XV and Subaru Impreza

Two Subaru models are jointly awarded in this category, with both scoring 89% in the child occupant tests – higher than any other model in the top five.


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