The Porsche Taycan / 16 August, 2019
The Porsche Taycan

Porsche have decided to throw their hat in the EV ring with the unveiling of their flagship four door electric coupe, the Taycan. This step into the future from the German manufacturer comes alongside an elaboration into what exactly goes into a car company getting 50 percent of its new cars electrified, something that Porsche reckons it’ll achieve by 2025.

First of all, we start with the price of the spearhead for Porsche’s new EV roll-out, the Taycan is set to start off with a cost of around £70,000. Coming in at this price in the EV market will see close competition with the Electric fan favourite, The Tesla Model S.

The Taycan will look similar to the Mission E concept released in early 2015, first shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show. This will allow for a sleeker, organic styling seeing old fashioned counterparts from grilles and air ducts left in the past.

As well as this, the Taycan is set to break trend in the new up and coming industry by being the first Electric Vehicle to be fitted with a two speed gearbox. An unusual paring when looking into the world of electric motors and what makes EV’s tick, but this new system is set to benefit performance as well as efficiency.

Alongside the new two speed gearbox, the Taycan is set to have two electric motors which are said to be able to put out more than 600hp combined, getting from 0-62mph in an impressive 3.5 seconds. Hitting speeds like this allows the German manufacturer to pit this car against some of the top supercars on offer today.

Unfortunately for Porsche fans, this isn’t as effective as (and still a while off) the EV leader, the Tesla Model S P100D which comes in at an eye-watering 2.4 seconds. Porsche, however, expresses that their new EV will be able to perform such acceleration consistently without needing to let its batteries cool, unlike the Tesla.

In terms of range, the aim is to make the Taycan capable of driving for more than 310 miles between charges. Porsche hasn’t confirmed how long it’ll take to charge the battery from flat, but has said that adding an extra 250 miles of range to the Taycan’s battery pack will take just 15 minutes using its new 800V charging stations.


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