The New Audi E-Tron / 5 July, 2019
The New Audi E-Tron

Earlier this month Audi made big waves in the EV Market by introducing its first production electric car, The E-Tron. 2019 has already seen huge instalments into the ‘future of the automobile’, seeing in June three major competitors in Tesla, Jaguar and Audi enter the ring announcing the ‘Greener Future’ plans. The hidden beauty behind all this is seeing top automakers eyeing big changes in their products and procedures in order to secure the potential space in future market share.

The E-Tron itself is the first of its kind from the German manufacturer coming 2 years later than the now famous Tesla Model X. The extra time being used by Audi to ensure the E-Tron is fighting fit to enter battle with the EV faithful, Auto Express claiming in early reviews that the Tesla is beaten hands down in ‘comfort, refinement and build quality’ by the Audi.

The E-Tron has received a variety of positive reviews from a number of UK automotive media, with scores ranging from good to outstanding. Reviews such as…


Auto Car
“Audi has delivered a car with all the hallmarks of its conventionally-engined models: smart styling, outstanding quality and a level of engineering that sets it apart both from the masses and from its rivals.”


The Car Expert

“The Audi e-tron has completely wowed simply because it is so normal. For years, we’ve been testing electric cars with spaceship-like qualities, but Audi has taken the features of its fantastic SUV range and seamlessly added all-electric power.”


Audi’s E-Tron is a large electric SUV/Crossover and has been chosen by the automaker to spear-head their new range of electric cars set to release over the next decade.

The E-Tron, when looked at in regards to spec, is a five seater Electric SUV with a 95kWh battery as standard, also being available in three trims: Standard, Launch Edition and Launch Edition 1. All versions include LED lights, 20-inch wheels, electrically-adjustable heated leather seats and two charge ports; one on either side of the car.

Audi has taken its time with this chapter of its history and with the E-Tron’s near-250-mile range and quick charge options, potentially turning the heads of EV sceptics as a genuine contender in the transition into a more sustainable motor industry.

Novo is pleased to announce that we’ve recently added a number E-Trons to our ever-growing fleet, showing our commitment and dedication to the constantly moving renewable future.  

“If you’d like to talk to us about insuring your electric vehicle, we’d love to hear from you”  

Novo Insurance Team