The Mercedes EQC / 20 July, 2020
The Mercedes EQC

This year has saw Mercedes take its first steps within the ‘electric showdown’.  Over the last 18 months we have seen many household automotive names put petrol and diesel behind in the quest to start the future with their new lines of Electric vehicles.

Mercedes have had time to sit back and see how the majority of the market has reacted to this surge in demand for electric, hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles and with this introduce not just a new vehicle but their whole range of future vehicles that they believe can take them and their clients into the electric future.

Within the new range of 10 new vehicles presented, the German manufactures can boast their first arrival to market with the EQC.  The EQC is Mercedes first all-electric SUV and is probably one of the most significant models from them during the transition from traditional fuels and power sources to more eco-friendly and long-term energy solutions. This first of its kind for Mercedes is set to have a mileage capacity on a single charge of around 200 Miles, very similar in comparison to that offered by competitors.

The EQC due to its unusual design, shape and layout can fit into many car categories from your traditional SUV to a compact crossover, but with the styling and detailing at the hands of Mercedes it can sure be said it will hold its own to retain the German’s Luxury brand status. 

In terms of look and size the EQC is comparable to the current GLC Model Mercedes however it is longer and will sit lower. Inside you will see the upgraded version of the GLC’s cabin together with a newly designed dashboard that includes an infotainment panel, and a new multifunctional steering wheel with touch pads.

Mercedes with the introduction of the new EQC have developed an electric drivetrain to be used across the EQ range. What we know is that it combines motors, a front one tuned for efficiency in the low to mid-range and the rear for more performance orientated driving in the mid to high load range. The electric SUV will also offer several alternative driving modes seeing sports mode pack a punch with a 0-60mph of nearly 5.1 seconds.

The energy for this immense power comes from a 80kWh battery that weighs round 650kgs and enables AC charging via either regular mains or high-voltage public charging stations. You’ll be looking at around 40 minutes of charge time to get from 10% battery up to 80% battery.

An exciting new chapter from Mercedes, we are all keen to see how the rest of these models unfold in the future!