The Mercedes EQC / 18 December, 2020
The Mercedes EQC

If you have any lingering doubts about whether electric cars really are the future (or at least a significant part of it) the fact that the big, premium marques are now heavily ‘in on the action’ should give you all the confidence you need to at least consider making the switch.

Whist it isn’t the first fully electric Mercedes, the EQC is the German giant’s first dedicated electric car – that is to say, there isn’t a petrol or a diesel version on offer as well. And, it’s the first of many pure electric models the Stuttgart-based brand is planning to launch over the next few years, under its EQ sub-brand.

You’ve no doubt got an EV ‘checklist’ that you’re working against if you’re in the premium EV market. How does the EQC ‘stack up’ for you?

The EQC has an official 255 mile range, between full charges. It’ll take you around 75 minutes to get it to 80% charge on a 50kWh fast charger when out and about, or nearly 13 hours using a 7kWh charger at home. To give some context, charging it fully from empty at home will cost you around £12, which is some £18 cheaper than getting the same range from the average petrol car. Tick.

By using an adapted GLC platform there aren’t the gains in revolutionary style or cabin space you’d hope for. However, the detail of its refined drivetrain and chassis makes it a relaxing car to drive or ride in. Mercedes has done all it can to ease the transition to finding energy from power points not petrol stations. Tick.

So, how does it drive?

Awesome refinement is its main appeal. Low-speed motor noise is absent, and high-speed tyre and suspension noise are also brilliantly suppressed. The ride isn’t pillow-soft, so you know there’s a bumpy road beneath. But it does filter out secondary harshness really nicely. The 0-62mph number is 5.1 seconds, and it’ll get close to that even in poor grip because the traction control is so good. Tick.

The verdict?

The Mercedes EQC joins a luxury class stable, including the Audi E-Tron, Jaguar I-Pace and Tesla Model X. Although it does not boast the size and range of these other models, the serene drive, comfort and style certainly makes up for it. The EQC won’t be accessible to everyone because of its higher asking price (entry level is just under £65K), however if that’s your ball-park, it simply has to be in your thinking. As a lease car in a business context, the EQC is slightly cheaper than the Jaguar i-PACE and a lot cheaper than the Audi E-Tron and the Tesla Model X. And for that lower price, you can count on a smooth, comfortable and refined electric car with the authentic and unmistakeable Mercedes feeling. Tick.

Finally, the recent EQC advertising campaign is pretty cool too, isn’t it?? Another box ticked maybe?