Tesla Model 3 the No1 in the UK for June / 7 July, 2021
Tesla Model 3 the No1 in the UK for June

We know what you’re probably thinking having read that headline; the Tesla Model 3 was the top selling electric vehicle (EV) in the UK in June. Well, you’d be partly right.

Not only did the Model 3 outsell every other EV, it outsold ALL other cars; period. Petrol, diesel, hybrid and even the usual bell-weather of the industry, the VW Golf, were left choking on the Model 3’s exhaust fumes, erm, tyre rubber.

In terms of the numbers, 5,468 Model 3s were sold in the UK for June alone. Undoubtedly, these numbers are boosted somewhat by the company car market, with many businesses taking advantage of the all-time low Benefit In Kind tax rates for EVs. Nonetheless, it shows the collective shift in mind-set across the UK toward EVs not only being ‘nice to have’ or aspirational, but an actual sensible choice for many reasons – not least financially.

These sales figures are doing the usual social media rounds, with the wider industry being rightly proud. The momentous nature of this news can’t be overstated – as far as we’re aware, no EV has ever topped the UK monthly sales charts previously. It really is a ‘wow’ moment.

The extraordinary nature of this feat is even more notable when you consider that the Model 3 is more expensive than the other vehicles detailed in the top 10 (listed below). Once again, Tesla solidifies itself as an in demand auto manufacturer, with the numbers telling their own story.

Ben Nelmes, Head of Policy and Research at electric vehicle sales data firm New AutoMotive, said in a statement on the firm’s website that, “Electric car sales saw strong growth in June, with one in ten new cars registered in the UK now fully electric, with zero emissions at the tailpipe”.

As we’ve spoken about in previous blogs, the price point for Model 3 (being a lot lower than Models S & X), means that it’s a lot more affordable and accessible to drivers eager to make the switch from internal combustion engine (ICE) to EV. With Elon Musk’s goal of a sub-£20K Tesla being on the roads at some point in 2023, the Californian giant’s projected sales figures could be in the same stratosphere as their Space X rockets.

What do you think about the June 2021 UK sales data? Where will Tesla’s sales figures be at the end of 2021, especially as more competitors bring models to market? Can they maintain momentum? As the old saying goes, it’s tough getting to the top, but it’s even tougher staying there……