Rivian / 28 January, 2020

The EV manufacturer on a mission to keep the world adventurous forever.

Many people feel that the electric bandwagon started with Tesla’s march to the top some years ago, however the last 18 months has seen huge advances in the world of Electric Vehicles, especially around EV ‘Pickups or SUVs’

Earlier this year, shockwaves were sent through the EV universe with the announcement of the game-changing, all-new Tesla SUV, the Cybertruck.  Nothing quite like it has been seen before, moving away from your everyday ‘Pick-Up’ style vehicle and instead deciding not to conform to current stereotypical ideas and bringing a new and unusual futuristic, rugged design. Very much like the Model 3, X and S before them, The Cybertruck has raised eyebrows and proves Tesla’s dedication to turning the motoring industry on its head.

The shockwaves of the unveiling could be felt around the world, with the newest selection in Mr Musk’s arsenal receiving largely mixed reviews due, in the main, to its distinctive design. With the long-awaited first Electric pickup landing, the space opened up and saw many other automakers throw their respective hats into the ring to show what the future of ‘trucks’ looked like to them. This also coincided with the introduction of a number of concept vehicles and production timelimes for big players in the game from BMW, Ford and Aston Martin to new models set for release by Volkswagen.

Outside of the stalwarts of the motor industry and the Tesla Model Y & Cybertruck, a new breed of Electric EV is potentially the most anticipated – drumroll for the astonishing Rivian R1T and R1S……

Making its debut, Rivian are a relatively new technology and automotive company that started specialising in Autonomous electric vehicles in early 2009. Since it’s formation, Rivian has been a company that has faced many challenges and hurdles to get to where it is today. They received a large investment and grew significantly in 2015, opening research facilities in Michigan, USA. They then began working exclusively on electric vehicles, specifically building an entire ‘ecosystem’ of related products, with the ride-sharing and driverless car markets firmly in its crosshairs.

Rivian’s models are more traditionally designed and have more resemblance to your standard 4×4 compared to that offered by the Cybertruck. Whilst both vehicles are very different, it has created an effect in the industry that hasn’t been seen before. Moving into a time after petrol (or perhaps more aptly, gasoline!), financial analysts are tipping that the US start-up is looming large in the rear-view mirror as a more than credible alternative to Tesla’s Cybertruck.

The automotive new comers recently announced a huge deal with one of the biggest, globally recognised retailers, Amazon. Rivian has signed deals to produce 100,000 delivery vans for Amazon and provide EV technology under licence to Ford. Both Ford and Amazon are key investors in the start-up of the business.

At the time of writing, Rivian is around one year away from kick-starting production of its electric pickup truck and SUV, each of which are said to start at around £60,000 with some reports suggesting ever lower figures. The new kid on the EV block has promised vehicles with potential ranges hitting the 400 mile mark as well as some eye-opening acceleration numbers. They will also be equipped with the latest and newest tech needed in all terrains.


Rivian aren’t simply making a statement with the R1T and R1S, they’re clearly intent on arm-wrestling all comers for the plains, mountains and school runs of the world. We’re looking forward to the battle……