Porsche Taycan / 4 November, 2020
Porsche Taycan

“I couldn’t find the sports car of my dreams, so I built it myself.” The immortal words uttered by Ferdinand Porsche, the founder of one of the world’s premier motor manufacturers. 

In August 2019 (remember the world back then?), we wrote a piece on the impending launch of the Porsche Taycan, the first all-electric model to come out of the Stuttgart-based manufacturer, and arguably, the EV of some people’s dreams.


Well, 14 months on and not only has the Taycan superseded the historic 911 and the premium Cayenne SUV in terms of Porsche’s own sales numbers, it is also climbing the wider EV ranks and giving the previously untouchable top-end Tesla Model S some serious competition.


We posted on our Instagram page in August (2020) about how the Taycan was (and is) causing huge ripples in the performance EV space. This is now further evidenced by confirmation that Porsche have sold almost 4,500 Taycans in the first half of 2020, globally – truly astonishing numbers for an all-electric vehicle, made by a traditional ICE manufacturer, with an entry level price of around £83,000.


In 1901, the aforementioned Herr Porsche co-designed the world’s first ever recognised hybrid vehicle, the Lohner-Porsche Mixte. Fast forward 119 years and be under no illusion, there’s no half-measure ‘hybridness’ about the Taycan. The design is striking, the performance phenomenal – the Turbo S hitting 0-62mph in 2.8 seconds.


Since the turn of the year, we’ve been working with new Taycan owners to give them a unique solution to their insurance requirements. Our exclusive insurance cover provides them with real peace of mind and assurance that should the unfortunate happen, the policy will give them exactly what they need and that they won’t encounter any nasty surprises. As an example, our policy provides a guaranteed like-for-like vehicle following an insured ‘incident’ – this is a huge benefit as in most, if not all, cases, a new owner has invested in a home charging system/infrastructure. If your insurer gives you a petrol or diesel vehicle as ‘interim mobility’ following an incident, that infrastructure is rendered redundant and guess what? That £15 a week to charge your Taycan, suddenly looks like £75 a week to fill up your courtesy car at the local petrol station – oh, and fuel costs are not ‘claimable’!


For Porsche’s first attempt at an all-electric car, the Taycan is a remarkable piece of kit and, for most, it would absolutely be classed as a dream car. So, if you’re able to afford one, why would you risk insuring it under a policy that won’t give you the cover you need, just to save a few pounds?


We’d love to hear from you about your new Taycan and also, so we can tell you about Novo, our other policy benefits and how we’re helping more and more owners each week with their insurance.


The Novo Insurance Team.