Pole Position Contender? / 28 April, 2020
Pole Position Contender?

Following our original piece back in August 2019, we take a more in-depth look at the Polestar 2, and consider whether it’s a serious challenger to the Model 3 crown?

When Polestar unveiled the ‘1’ a couple of years ago, quite rightly, the motoring universe got a little excited, not least due to its stunning looks and it’s not-too-shabby performance. Fast-forward to Spring 2020, and the Volvo/Geely owned manufacturer is gearing up for the launch of the ‘2’, another kid in the mid-size EV playground hoping to take the Tesla Model 3’s lunch money.

Let’s be honest, through savvy marketing and ballsy tricks of the sales trade, the Tesla Model 3 (like most things Tesla touch) has been an unrivalled success; a quick online search of “Tesla Model 3 sales figures” tells you everything you need to know. Market ‘dominance’, however, doesn’t translate into market ‘monopoly’ and in the spirit of free trade and enterprise, there is always room at the table for a confident brand with a strong product that will undoubtedly appeal to prospective buyers; it looks as if Polestar are in that category with the impending launch of the 2.

One of the first considerations is the price. Polestar have confirmed that the first model on sale (‘fully loaded’) will be a fraction under fifty grand at £49,900 (see what they’ve done there) and can only be ordered online. UK reservations are being taken on its website, with a £1000 fully refundable deposit. Firm orders can be placed now, with first deliveries expected in July. The £49,900 on-the-road price includes routine servicing and maintenance for three years, plus VAT.

Polestar have previously indicated that initial production will be solely focussed on this derivative, with subsequent base models – slated for production in late 2021 – having a guide price somewhere in the region of £34,500. As you can see, the pricing (confirmed & proposed) compares favourably with the structure around the Model 3.

So, what about looks? Well, depending on your point of view – and possibly, your eyesight – it does have a look of a cross-over SUV, albeit a smaller one. On closer inspection though, its appearance is really slick and ‘fine-lined’ and very much in keeping with its fast-back pitch. As you would imagine – ‘Scandi’ plus EV – the interior looks pretty minimal, but very cool. The control tablet is relatively big, but not overbearing. As we all know, ‘looks’ is a massively subjective topic, although we’re pretty sure that most would agree, this isn’t an ugly car.

Then we get to performance……This car produces 402 BHP and will get you to 62 mph (whatever happened to nought to sixty?!?) in a little less than five seconds. So how do these numbers help to answer the million dollar question – what’s the range? Polestar have stated that the range for the 2 is 311 miles, which compares really nicely with the Model 3, and also the Jag I-Pace.

Along with the aforementioned I-Pace, the Polestar 2 looks as if it’s going to be a really credible alternative to the Tesla Model 3; the three important topics detailed above – Price, Looks & Performance – put it firmly in contention. The other two topics that we’ve not spoken about yet though, supercharging and brand ‘loyalty’, are again where the ‘pretenders’, including Polestar, continue to lag behind the Silicon Valley titan.

So, when purchasing a mid-sized EV, should the Polestar 2 be in your thinking as you’re leaning towards a Model 3? Yes, absolutely – it’s different, is going to be less commonplace (probably) than other EVs and it has presence.

It’s pretty much a given that unless Tesla implode, they will retain the mantle of the world’s most successful (by sales) EV brand for the foreseeable. However, the likes of Polestar et al will ensure that the cake and the crumbs are, in part, being shared with manufacturers that can go toe-to-toe with the big ‘T’ when it comes to technology and vision.

The near future in this category looks intriguing and be under no illusion, Polestar have a part to play….