Help When You Need It Most / 16 July, 2020
Help When You Need It Most

Being involved in a motoring ‘incident’ can be a worrying and stressful time. With so many aspects to consider – your own insurance, the insurance of the other party, your passengers, your ongoing mobility – it can be difficult knowing where your priorities should lie.

Novo Incident Management assists in managing incidents and claims smoothly from start to finish, minimising the inconvenience that the often daunting claims journey can have on your life and your daily activities. Relying on our expertise and experience in the motor claims sector, not to mention our extensive network, we take away the burden of dealing with the many moving parts of a claim and manage all communications with the numerous involved parties. 

The motor insurance industry, and it’s many practitioners, can be very vocal (and visible) around how much money that they can save you; you can’t watch commercial TV for more than 20 minutes without an advert telling you that they’ll beat your renewal quote. What you’ll never hear, however, is how you’ll be looked after or treated when you’ve had an accident on wet Tuesday evening in February. What information do you need to provide the insurer with? How will you get home? How will you travel to work the following day? Who will collect and then repair your car? How long will it take?

Whether it’s an incident which is your fault, or one where you have been on the wrong end of someone else’s actions, we don’t compromise or differentiate on the level of service that we give. We don’t expect you to accept the odd update phone call or email here and there, so we agree with you the regularity and format of our contact where we’ll provide you with a real-time picture of the progress we’ve made.  

As already alluded to, this is what Novo Incident Management do; it’s who we are. Based on the very specific and unique requirements of our clients, at the times when they need us most, we provide tailored incident management solutions that result in minimal impact to their lives. From that very first, often emotional, call notifying us of an accident, right through to organising the return of their vehicle, our Claims Concierge Managers provide guidance and reassurance that we will, very quickly, work to make things right. They manage all calls and communications with manufacturer approved repairers, third party insurers, solicitors etc. We remove the fear factor, the concern and the uncertainty by focussing on coordination and collaboration with all relevant stakeholders which results in outcomes that turn a negative situations into a (dare we say it) positive experience for our clients.

The very specific requirements of our clients extend to also include the type of vehicle that they are accustomed to driving. As a result, we have invested heavily in our own in-house fleet of vehicles which consists of premium marques and Commercial vehicles that ensure continued mobility and minimal disruption to their lives and businesses.

If your vehicle is off the road following an incident, you shouldn’t expect to be downgraded to a vehicle that doesn’t meet your standards. So whether it’s a luxury saloon or SUV, a sports car, a prestige city car, an electric/hybrid vehicle or 7 tonne truck, we can guarantee a genuine, like-for-like replacement.

Our approach to Incident Management isn’t revolutionary, however it’s a service that we have crafted through innovation, by listening to what’s important to our clients and understanding that the ‘one size fits all’ approach absolutely doesn’t work in this industry. It’s all about finding and implementing specific solutions that work best for them, and minimising hassle and disruption through ownership of often traumatic situations.

If you’re unfortunate enough to find yourself involved in any of the scenarios mentioned above, call Novo. We will manage the situation and help you back to mobility.