EV Claims: A consideration piece…… / 17 January, 2020
EV Claims: A consideration piece……

As we’re all aware, there’s no shortage of motor insurance companies trying to entice us with the promise of cheaper premiums (and cuddly toys!).

A glaring omission from these sales pitches is how an insurer looks after you when you need it most – namely at the time of a claim. Dealing with a claim for a traditionally-fuelled vehicle can be difficult at the best of times, however throw in the fact that your car is a Tesla/EV, and things can get tricky……

There’s a chance that at some point in your driving ‘life’, you’ll have to make a claim. Ok, Ok, it won’t happen to you, it never does, but there are some things you could do with knowing anyway.

All of our lives seem to be extremely busy these days and finding the time to go to the movies is hard enough, let alone dealing with an insurance claim for your car.

The claim ‘journey’ can go something like this

  • 8:15am you’re hit by another driver on the school run
  • 9:00am you call your insurer to report the incident, which takes 20 minutes if you’re lucky
  • 9:30am you get a call from the other party’s insurer to discuss liability and to ask if they can put you into one of their cars
  • 10:10am you get a call from a legal firm, asking if you’re injured
  • 11:30am your insurer calls you to arrange an inspection of your car
  • 2:30pm an engineer calls you say that they can’t get to you for at least two days to perform the inspection
  • 4:30pm the other party calls back to advise that their client is now disputing liability and by the way, they have a ‘stiff neck’! – Rinse and repeat for the next five days and you’ve missed 2-4-1 Wednesday at the local Odeon.

You don’t have the time for this, if only you had someone to co-ordinate all of these moving parts & conversations and deal with it on your behalf. Our Claim Concierge service removes this burden from you. You’ll be appointed a Concierge Manager (a seasoned expert in dealing with Tesla/EV claims), who will be your sole point of contact and will own the claim, shielding you from numerous calls whilst providing you with updates (at intervals of your choosing). This will be from first notification, right up to settlement of the claim. Sweet or salted popcorn……?

Should you be unfortunate enough to be involved in an incident and need expert assistance, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 0333 772 9779



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