Electric Invasion / 23 July, 2019
Electric Invasion

More than 3 years after its initial reveal, the new Tesla Model 3 has finally landed on British soil, as earlier this week, fittingly on Clean Air Day, Tesla HQ in Heathrow released the first batch of the highly anticipated Electric Vehicle. Amongst the first to receive their all-electric Model 3 were Tesla enthusiasts who had placed £1,000 deposits as far back as 2016.


Tesla’s UK Showrooms are anticipating a larger scale release and will now ramp up deliveries in coming weeks, with Model 3 prices start from as low as £38,900, with the entry level UK model offering All Black Partial Premium Interior as well as 18” Aero wheels and Tesla’s renowned AutoPilot system.


Standard specification vehicles have a range of 258 miles and a 0-60mph in 5.3 seconds. The Model 3 Performance lives up to its name by cutting more than two seconds from the 0-60mph dash, compared to that of the standard range, it gets there in just 3.2 seconds aided by All Wheel Drive traction. It’s not just quicker, but also goes further having increased battery capacity giving a driving range of 329 miles.


The addition of a Performance Upgrade pack takes the top speed up to 162mph as well as adding extras including a carbon fibre spoiler, 20-inch alloys, red brake callipers and an additional Track Mode setting. All included brining the price to £52,290 for the Model 3.


One of the regrettable downsides is that the Model 3 owners in the UK will unfortunately not have free access to the supercharger network, with 50 sites currently spread across the UK, but, there will be the option to utilise the network using the pay per access system.


As the Model 3 seeks to establish itself in the UK market, it has already started to ‘ruffle the feathers’ of the established German players within the mid-range prestige market. According to Leasing.com “it’s already making waves. It’s taken the top spot as the most popular electric vehicle to lease. Tesla has generated more personal lease enquiries within the last seven days than premium rivals such as the Jaguar I-Pace and the new Audi e-tron have in the previous month.”


Having this insight from leasing.com is a strong sign that lots that consumers are ready to make the jump to next-generation vehicles and leasing is offering them the ideal opportunity to obtain the Model 3.


From an insurance perspective, Novo this week is extremely proud to announce the inception of our first Model 3. One of our clients was lucky enough to take delivery of the highly desirable Performance model earlier this week, driving away finally on Tuesday after several years of anticipation.


“If you’d like to talk to us about insuring your electric vehicle, we’d love to hear from you”  



Novo Insurance Team