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James Allenby

What makes Novo a great place to work?
The people, the can-do entrepreneurial spirit

Who would be your ideal dinner guest (alive or dead); and why?
Robert De Niro – it would be fascinating to speak with the man behind so many iconic film characters

All-time favourite movie?

Your three desert island discs?
Massive Attack – Unfinished Sympathy / Flamingos – I Only Have Eyes For You / Goldie – Inner City Life

Who would play you in a movie of your life?
Jared Leto

Given the choice, where would you retire to?
Italy, the Tuscan Hills

Your favourite biscuit?
Chocolate Chip Cookie

Night Out or Night In?
Night Out

You have a time machine, where are you going to?
The Back Room of Cream (Liverpool Super-Club), the early to mid-nineties

The person (or persons) that has had the biggest influence on your life?
My mum

You’ve won the lottery, what are your first two purchases?
A 1962 Mercedes SL Pagoda & a Ferrari 288 GTO