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Dan Nicholson
Claims Manager

What makes Novo a great place to work?
Working at NOVO isn’t just like your everyday 9-5, the feel, working environment, people and clients are a pleasure to work with. Every day something new is learnt and can be utilised into progression as an individual and for future colleagues.

Who would be your ideal dinner guest (alive or dead); and why?
Seve Ballesteros – I’d love to talk about the earlier days of golf and the titles/records he achieved.

All-time favourite movie?
American Sniper

Your three desert island discs?
Keep Ya’ Head up – Tupac, Rick Ross – BMF, Insomnia- Faithless

Who would play you in a movie of your life?
Mark Wahlberg

Given the choice, where would you retire to?

Your favourite biscuit?
Milk Chocolate Digestive.

Night Out or Night In?
Night out.

You have a time machine, where are you going to?
Champions League final 2005, I would have loved to have been there to watch Liverpool lift the trophy for a fifth time!

You’ve won the lottery, what are your first two purchases?
Audemars Piguet Tourbillion and a Villa in Vilamoura.