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Cheryl Waters
Senior Recoveries Manager

What makes Novo a great place to work?
The people/ the team we all have our own unique qualities that we bring to the table and we work well together.

Who would be your ideal dinner guest (alive or dead); and why?
My Dad – My Dad passed away when I was very young would love to know more about him.

All-time favourite movie?
Miracle on 34th Street

Your three desert island discs?
Ellie Goulding how long will I love you/ Whitney Houston dance with somebody/ Avici – wake me up

Who would play you in a movie of your life?
Cameron Diaz

Given the choice, where would you retire to?

Your favourite biscuit?
Leibniz milk chocolate biscuits

Night Out or Night In?
Night in

You have a time machine, where are you going to?
Wedding Day

The person (or persons) that has had the biggest influence on your life?
Hubby & My mum

You’ve won the lottery, what are your first two purchases?
Family Holiday Disneyland – Audi R8.